One time limited financial emergency assistance

  • Care of a terminally ill individual where other support is delayed indefinitely or is not available
  • Dignified burial for a destitute/abandoned individual
  • Christmas donations to the destitute/abandoned including incarcerated individuals

Loans (one-time, to be returned to the foundation free of interest)

  • Sudden loss of livelihood caused by natural or national calamity and/or illness
  • Severe illness or accidents without immediate recourse to other funding

Educational Assistance (subject to availability of funding)

  • For orphaned dependents of Swiss citizens (covering school fees and living allowance). The aim is to give these children access to a decent education that leads to useful livelihood, be it in the Philippines or in Switzerland.
  • Recipients of educational assistance are expected to satisfy the following criteria: maintenance of minimum grades; semester report card with grades to be submitted to the Foundation; fixed monthly amount in living allowance.
  • Education assistance will be extended based on the merit of the case.