Time and care

We welcome offers for hands-on-mentoring/supervision/work program for our young beneficiaries who are abandoned by one or both of their parents.

Visit of the elderly or prisoners

We can arrange to pair a volunteer with one of our destitute for Christmas visits.

Work exposure

Our beneficiaries of education assistance need on-the-job training opportunities, preferably with Swiss owned or managed companies. This would give them exposure to Swiss work ethics and allow them to do well in the labor market.

Be a Godparent/sponsor

Be a Godparent/sponsor to an assisted student (approx. cost PHP 30’000.- p.a. for school fees, living allowance, transportation allowance, books and school uniforms).

Host family

We welcome offers by families in Switzerland who would be willing to open their homes to a young Swiss/Filipino during two to six months for them to get settled in Switzerland after having completed a vocational training in the Philippines with the support of the foundation.

Offering an Au-pair job

A family in Switzerland may want to hire one of our beneficiaries on a limited au-pair assignment.

Funding, Sponsors and Donations

SBFI relies widely on contributions made by members of the Swiss Club from its inception. The funds generated are invested in safe commercial papers. For many years, income from these investments covered annual expenditures. However the PHP 6.6million fund at today’s interest rates does not yield enough to cover minimum assistance needs.

  • Interest income of the endowment fund (capital) of the foundation
  • Annual donation from The Swiss Club Philippines, Inc.
  • Donations from the Swiss Government
  • Donations from Individuals
  • Donations from fundraising activities

Bank Account Details

Check donations issued to SWISS BENEVOLENT FOUNDATION INC.

Bank transfers can be made to EQUITABLE PCI BANK – Savings Account # 0186-71659-0, Shaw Boulevard – Stanford Branch.

For international bank transfer, please use the following:

Bank/branch: BDO Perea-Paseo

Account No: Savings 005390121466



Financials of Swiss Benevolent Foundation, Inc.

December 31, 2014 – Download Here

Accounts 2017 2016 2015 2014
Contribution (see Sched 1) 47,400 376,700 220,859.00 252,927.00
Investment income 120,627 120,952 127,394.51 81,155.70
Interest income 777 716 478.00 728.13
Unrealized gain/(loss) on investments 294,807 -72,791 -136,606.15
Total Receipts 463,610 425,577 212,125.36 360,547.48
Financial /Medical/Education assistance 117,000 119,936 187,475.00 366,801.50
Administrative Expenses 160,183 170,926 150,188.00 142,629.55
Total Expenses 277,183 290,862 337,663.00 509,431.05
Net Income 186,427 134,715 -125,537.64 -148,883.57
Total members’ Equity 7,020,779 6,834,351 6,699,636.00 6,825,174.00